We gather as a family / Eu já fui seu irmão
  • Year1993
  • Duration32 min

This tape documents a cultural exchange between the Parkatêjê (Gavião) of the Para state and their "relatives", the Krahô of Tocantins. Kokrenum, the charismatic chief of the Parkatêjê, organizes a visit to the Krahô, who speak their language and maintain their traditions. The 50 young Parkatêjê he brings along participate in a ceremony consisting of singing, body painting and preparations for the long, strenuous relay race through the savannah. The following year, the Parkatêjê return the invitation and the Krahô travel to kokren's village. The two chiefs discuss cultural issues and seal a pact of friendship between their groups.

  • Director(s): Vincent Carelli
  • Producer(s): Video nas Aldeias
  • Country: Brazil
  • Language: Portuguese, Gavião, Krahô
  • Premiere status: None