L'Hôpital de Leningrad
  • Year1983
  • Duration58 min

Adapted from a short story by the Russian writer Victor Serge and produced by French television, L’hôpital de Leningrad tells of a visit to a psychiatric hospital where the GPU (the political police of Stalin) places its opponents. This fiction, faithful to the spirit of Serge’s original, is for director Sarah Maldoror an occasion to deal with the subject of political imprisonment, with real artistic sensibility. It also provided Maldoror the opportunity to work with prestigious actors such as Roger Blin, at the top of his game, together with Rüdiger Vogler and Anne Wiazemsky. The original jazz score is by Jean Yves Bosseur and Jean Louis Chautemps.

  • Director(s): Sarah Maldoror
  • Country: France
  • Language: French
  • Premiere status: None