• Duration58 min

Most of us can't begin to conceive what drives certain people to risk their lives doing extreme adventure sports. Luckily for Australian adventurer Andrew McAuley, his wife understands very well. It was she who introduced the mountaineer to the sport of kayaking. Now he is determined to set a new, unbelievable first – a solo kayak crossing from Tasmania to New Zealand via some of the most ruthless waters in the world. He's not only leaving behind his wife, but also a young son, and a host of friends who can only marvel at the task he has set himself. As we learn from the opening scene of this nail-biting voyage, he runs into some serious trouble: the New Zealand coast guard receives a garbled message that his boat is sinking and he needs a rescue. Thanks to remarkable video diaries, both on board and back at home, we can sit back in safety and watch one man knowingly risk everything.

  • Director(s): David Michod, Jen Peedom
  • Producer(s): Jen Peedom
  • Country: Australia
  • Language: English
  • Format: Video Digital Betacam PAL
  • Premiere status: None
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2008 - Netherland Dwarf 2007 - Crossbow 1997 - Road Pantry
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