• Year2010
  • Duration73 min

Zhenging, Southern China. Something is seriously wrong in fisherwoman Wei Dongying’s village. The fish tastes sometimes of garbage, sometimes of paint, anything but fish. The water from the local well smells foul, the same water that the villagers must drink and wash their dishes in. Dongying has watched the health of her fellow villagers deteriorate all ten of the boys of military age have been declared medically unfit for service – and is determined to do something about it. She spends her days cataloguing evidence of the pollution everywhere around her, haranguing her local government and railing against the factories belching filth on her doorstep. Dongying is one of four remarkable civil activists profiled in this devastating documentary, which demonstrates all too vividly that China’s rapid expansion in manufacturing has come at the expense of the environment and health of the Chinese people. Bookmark and Share

  • Director(s): Floris-Jan van Luyn
  • Producer(s): Bruno & Femke Felix & Wolting
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Language: Chinese
  • Format: Video Digi Beta PAL
  • Premiere status: None
  • Website: www.submarine.nl