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When China Met Africa

  • Director(s):
    Marc Francis, Nick Francis
    Marc Francis, Nick Francis, Miriana Bojic Walter
    • France, United Kingdom
    • 2010
    • 75 min
    • HDCAM 1080/25p
    • English, Chinese, Zambian

After decades of Western aid, Africa remains the poorest continent in the world, with many countries desperate to pull themselves out of poverty and into the 21st century. Zambia’s Trade Minister recognises that China is keen to provide the development fast-track that Zambia so desperately wants to be on, and is travelling to China to hustle for new investment. Award winning filmmakers Marc and Nick Francis (Black Gold) again take us to the grassroots of globalisation by alternating between observing the diplomacy and rhetoric of government visits, with life in the Chinese-Zambian projects already underway, where language and cultural barriers abound. From the major road project, where funding is threatened due to the spreading global financial crisis, to Liu Changming’s farm, where he keeps a close but disdainful eye on his African workers, it is up to the viewer to decide if China is indeed the close friend, reliable partner and good brother of Africa that it claims to be.

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04 Nov 15:30

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