Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow
  • Year2010
  • Duration105 min

Sophie Fiennes’ eye and Anselm Kiefer’s creations make a near perfect marriage of cinema and art. Kiefer’s art works are renowned the world over for their endless patience and profundity that turn empty landscapes into living installations. From the first moments of Fienne’s ‘ delicate, transcendent film it is evident that Kiefer spares no expense in refining the details and harvesting materials to reflect the ideas in his head. The work is manual and intensive leaving a feeling that Kiefer is a cross between a mad scientist and a coal miner, going to every length to perfect the emotion he wants to convey. Avoiding the standard documentary tropes, Fiennes edges toward understanding an artist and the process of the artist’s work by settling us amongst his piles of shattered glass, the hot molten metals and eerie underground tunnels he has created. It is as if the film itself is playing a part in the creative production. The stirring score by Jörg Widmann and György Ligeti completes a powerful experience.

“Sophie Fiennes has directed an intriguing, near-wordless documentary.” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

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  • Director(s): Sophie Fiennes
  • Producer(s): Sophie Fiennes, Kees Kasander, Emilie Blezat
  • Country: United Kingdom, France, Netherlands
  • Language: French, German. Subtitled in English
  • Format: Video DCP
  • Premiere status: None
  • Website: www.overyourcities.com