The Advocate for fagdom
  • Year2010
  • Duration91 min

It’s safe to say that Bruce LaBruce doesn’t shy from the controversial. The underground gay porn director’s films are full of hardcore sex, political messages and violence - as well as liberal doses of tenderness. In them, he happily crushes any gay attitude clichés while practicing ironic self glorification - and carving out a niche in the hardcore gay zombie splatter porn genre. LaBruce enjoys the hubbub surrounding each new work and works hard to keep his mystique very much alive. 'The Advocate for Fagdom' unites the puzzle pieces one by one, telling the remarkable story of LaBruce’s rise from Canadian farm boy to grand master of the New Queer Cinema. John Waters, Gus Van Sant, Rick Castro and others weigh in on LaBruce’s complex personality, painting a portrait of a man constantly moving between his punk attitude and extreme sensibility.

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  • Director(s): Angelique Bosio
  • Producer(s): Gildas Le Tourneur
  • Country: France
  • Language: English
  • Format: Video HDCAM 1080/24p
  • Premiere status: None
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