We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists
  • Year2011
  • Duration89 min

Few people cite Scientology as a force for good in their lives – outside of Scientologists themselves, of course. But it was communal hatred of the creepy cult – and their bullying, litigious online presence – that forced the hacktivist group Anonymous from a culture of pranksters to an influential cyber-army. As a number of the group’s most prominent activists face over-the-top prison sentences, director Brian Knappenberger explores the history of the radical collective, and how it rose from a patchwork of bloggers, to become an influential change-agent in the Arab spring. Inevitably with such an amorphous, all embracing group, schisms endure. Most want to use their numbers to promote civil disobedience and curb some of the world’s excesses. But others simply want to continue to cause anarchic mischief online, or as one of this doc’s many entertaining commentators puts it: “If you’re not out there making epileptics have seizures, then you’re a moral fag”.  

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  • Director(s): Brian Knappenberger
  • Producer(s): Brian Knappenberger
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Format: Video HDCAM 1080p/29.97p
  • Premiere status: None
  • Website: www.wearelegionthedocumentary.com