• Year2011
  • Duration104 min

It's a question every school child has wondered: Where would you end up if you dug from one side of the world to the other? Acclaimed Russian filmmaker Victor Kossakovsky introduces us to four pairs of antipodes: Argentina and China; Spain and New Zealand; Hawaii and Botswana; and Russia and Chile. Filmed without narration, the landscapes take central stage in a sumptuous journey best enjoyed in the cinema. Kossakovsky pulls us gently in to each scene, allowing us to linger, watch and listen. Music sets the scene while Kossakovsky's creative twisting camerawork frequently offers a skewed view of the world. The film's opening pair best exemplifies the notion of "polar opposites": In rural Argentina, life slows nearly to a standstill as two toll keepers chat away the time between infrequent cars. On the opposite side of the world, the pace could not be more different: frenetic, overcrowded Shanghai at rush hour.


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