The Man Whose Mind Exploded
  • Year2012
  • Duration76 min

Drako Zarhazar lives in the here and now. He doesn't have much choice: his anterograde amnesia means he can't create new memories. He's certainly had his share of life's woes -- he's quick to tell you he has survived two comas, two nervous breakdowns and two suicide attempts. Despite past angst, the Drako of the present is cheerful and extroverted, and more than happy to let Toby Amies film him, in all his tattooed, frequently naked glory. His heaving Brighton flat is a phallic-themed art installation, with many mementos of Drako's colourful past. It's also increasingly a health hazard. Over the months, Toby becomes more than documentarian, filling in as both carer and friend. He struggles to keep Drako safe and under the radar from social services in this tender and nuanced portrait of an outsider. CN

  • Director(s): Toby Amies
  • Producer(s): Rob Alexander, Toby Amies, Kat Mansoor
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English
  • Format: Video HDCAM 1080/50i
  • Premiere status: None
  • Website: