• We Are Neurodiverse

    What began as an experiment has become
    a movement. Over the past four years 104 Films have been developing new neurodiverse filmmakers in Bristol. Come and marvel at these new films, experience a different way of looking at the world and meet the directors behind them. Join the movement!

    This event is part of the Doc/Fest Exchange programme bringing together a specially curated programme of free talks, films and conversations to revolutionise what makes a healthy planet.

    Supported by Wellcome.

    No festival pass or ticket required. All events at Doc/Fest Exchange are free and open to all.

  • Craft Summit: Close to the Edit

    Some say that the cutting room is where the real documentary magic happens. With stories from their recent work, hear the insight and experience of leading editors on their role in the creative process. What's the relationship between director and editor in the cutting room? How different is editing for TV and cinema? And should the director always be close to the edit?

  • Exploring the Archives - FOCAL International Drinks

    Archives are the future of storytelling. Come meet the FOCAL team and our unique Archive Libraries and Researcher members from across the globe for drinks. Find out how to delve into the world’s incredible film and TV archives to unearth discoveries for your next project. The future of production lies in the past.

    Supported by FOCAL

  • Lisbon Beat: The Afterparty (Theatre Deli)

    Vasco Viana and Rita Maia’s Lisbon Beat is a journey around Lisbon’s suburbs through the lives of a handful of musicians establishing their place in a city of complex identity struggles. We’ll be bringing the sounds of Lisbon’s underground to Sheffield, with DJ Rita Maia and special guests.

  • Korean Pitching Day: Part 1

    Korean Pitching Day returns, offering participants of the Korean Delegation the chance to pitch documentary ideas to a host of international decision makers in front of a live audience. The event will feature 10 projects, with each project receiving feedback from key international decision makers and buyers.

  • Shapes that Move: Archiving the Films of Feminist Collectives

    Collectives give marginalised groups the opportunity to work outside of the mainstream and produce films that document their community. Who is best placed to archive that work, and how should it be exhibited? Members of filmmaking collectives represented in Doc/Fest’s Shapes of Movement focus discuss the production and continued life of their work with some of those who champion it through archiving and exhibition.

    Work by Terry Wragg, Rehana Zaman, Campbell X and Christine Stansfield is included in the Shapes That Move focus

  • Romantic Comedy + Live Score by Summer Camp

    Presented with the world premiere of a live score from Sankey’s band, Summer Camp.

    This screening is part of Film Feels: Obsession, a UK-wide cinema season, supported by the National Lottery and BFI Film Audience Network. Explore all films and events at www.filmfeels.co.uk

  • Grierson Trust New Talent Drinks

    Come and join the members of The Grierson Trust board for a convivial get together and the opportunity to meet the talented young trainees who are part of the 2019 Grierson DocLab.

    Supported by Grierson Trust

  • Beyond Story: A Conversation for the Industry

    ‘What’s the story?’ It’s the question documentary filmmakers must answer when pitching new ideas to commissioners. A contained cast of central characters and coherent narrative has become the preferred form among most industry gatekeepers. Why is this? And what space is there for documentaries that aren’t structured around character-led linear stories? In reference to a recently published manifesto called 'Beyond Story’ (Alexandra Juhasz and Alisa Lebow) this session will interrogate the supremacy of story and think together with commissioners, filmmakers and academics about the creative possibilities of documentary beyond story.

  • Meet the Maker (Alternate Realities): Viktorija Mickute

    Venture into the realm of Alternate Realities – hear from the creators of immersive and interactive reality experiences that open up new perspectives on the health of the planet.

    In this session:

    - Viktorija Mickute discusses her urgent 360 VR film, The Curse of Palm Oil, taking you into the Malaysian rainforest to see the devastating affects of palm oil plantations on the environment and tribal communities

    This event is part of the Doc/Fest Exchange programme bringing together a specially curated programme of free talks, films and conversations to revolutionise what makes a healthy planet.

    Supported by Wellcome.

    No festival pass or ticket required. All events at Doc/Fest Exchange are free and open to all.

  • Focus/Shapes That Move: Flip The Script

    Turning normative gender and sexuality on its head, we find the world looks different from this angle. The films of Flip the Script both celebrate and galvanise of the power of the LGBTQ+ community to interrupt binaries, disrupt the strictures of the status quo, and liberate the world from its own constraints.

  • Funding and Commissioning: Podcasts and Audio Documentary

    Earlier this year Spotify paid a reported $230m for Gimlet - a US Podcast business. It was a jaw-dropping valuation by any standards. However there’s no question that podcasting continues to grow - both in terms of audiences and content. More and more talent is turning to the medium to tell stories and reach audiences direct. Audible, Spotify and the BBC are pushing into the market, as are numerous advertisers. We explore how podcast ideas can get to market, the different funding models and what audiences they can reach.

  • Original Documentaries preview with Channel 5

    Channel 5 introduces a sneak peek of exciting, upcoming documentary singles and series and Q&A with the programme makers, with a couple of special surprises.

    Supported by Channel 5

  • Meet the Alternate Territories Delegation Drinks (Workstation Mezzanine)

    Working with British Council, the Alternate Realities team welcome a group of curators, artists and cultural influencers from around the world, who work with interactive and immersive art forms, to the festival. Join the Alternate Territories delegation at the Workstation Mezzanine for a drink.

    Supported by British Council