Punching Through In Primetime: Elevating Diversity

  • Mon 7 June 13:00
  • Online
  • 1h 00min
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Success and creative freedom for producers is inevitably linked to commercial viability, but is there a lack of support for diverse led companies in achieving success? Rejecting the idea that only some companies can make popular programmes and succeed in mainstream TV, and addressing concerns that talent and new perspectives are overlooked, a panel of Channel 5 gatekeepers and producers take a frank look at the industry, the opportunities available and finding a balance between commercial success and creative passion.

Chaired by Pat Younge (Cardiff Productions)

Emma-Rosa Dias (Afro-Mic Productions)
Thomas Stogden (Big Deal Films)
Heenan Bhatti (Clockwork Films)
Denise Seneviratne (Commissioner, Channel 5)
Guy Davies (Channel 5)

Produced by Anna Dally (Channel 5)

Supported by Channel 5.

A recording of this talk is available to Online Industry Pass holders on our Doc/Player platform.

All talks are captioned, provided by AI Media.



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