Carolyn Payne

Payne, Carolyn

  • Position: Commissioning editor
  • Company: National Geographic

Carolyn Payne is a Commissioning Editor at National Geographic. Commissions include the hit series Inside North Korea’s Dynasty, Dian Fossey: Secret’s in the Mist, Fiennes Return to the Nile, Drain the Oceans, Primal Survivor, Nazi Megastructures, Banged Up Abroad and Car SOS, and hit singles Lost Treasures of the Maya Snake Kings, Comet Catcher: The Rosetta Landing, Mission to the Sun, and Mission Saturn Before joining Nat Geo Carolyn was a freelance producer making award winning shows such as: Children’s Bafta winners Operation Ouch and Election and BBC’s World’s Strictest Parents, and Nat Geo’s The Witch Doctor Will See You Now.