Chella Quint

Quint, Chella

  • Position: Presenter, Designer, Director, Producer, Comedian
  • Company: Founder of #periodpositive, taboo-breaking menstruation education and science public engagement

Chella Quint is Sheffield-based comedy writer, performer, presenter, producer, director, designer, artist, educator, and is originally from Brooklyn. A lot of her film, education and engagement work is in science communication, health promotion, media literacy, human rights and social justice. She is the Sheffield Docfest 2013 Specialist Factual New Talent Pitch winner (for which she made Lifting The Lid, a short film about menstruation, with Mandrake Films and the Open University) and she holds a Master’s Degree in Education focusing on changing attitudes to menstruation in secondary education. Her dissertation is entitled #periodpositive, and her research has an accompanying STAINS™ campaign. Her five-star Edinburgh Fringe comedy show, Adventures in Menstruating, recently sold out at the Women of the World Festival and she’s hoping to tour it in the new year. In her free time, Chella performs comedy about outer space, particle physics and dinosaurs