Roger Graef

Graef, Roger

  • Position: Founder
  • Company: Films of Record

Roger Graef OBE is Founder of Films of Record, a high end London based documentary company established in 1979. He is an award winning filmmaker, criminologist, and writer. He is the only documentary maker awarded the Bafta Fellowship for Lifetime Achievement. In 2014 he was given a Tribute evening by Bafta for fifty years in filmmaking. And a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Sheffield and Aldeburgh Doc fests.Born in NYC, he moved to London in 1962 as a theatre director. He turned to documentaries with a short film about a child born without arms because of Thalidomide. One of Them Is Brett won awards, and was shown on the ABC Network in the US, the CBC, ABC in Australia and elsewhere. Showing this child as normal and not a victim, it went straight into medical school curricula.He is best known for his unstaged observational films in normally closed places including multinational corporation board rooms, government ministries, the US Senate and EU headquarters, prisons, probation, family therapy, special schools, hospitals and social work.He directed The Life and Times of John Huston for public television in the US, the BBC and CBC, Nominated for an Emmy, it is believed to be the very first doc co-production. Over fifty years, his many films cover the arts, science, social justice and especially criminal justice. In the Bafta winning Police series, the episode on rape changed the way British police deal with rape victims. It was deemed the most influential doc ever shown on UK. In the Names of Allah, for BBC, PBS and German tv was the first long form doc about Islam. He also made innovative observational comedy films including The Secret Policeman's Ball and several other Amnesty comedies with Monty Python and other comics.He is a champion of multi-platform media. He has been a mentor at six Crossover workshops, and was Exec of web lives, the first online doc series for Most recently he Exec Produced CERNpeople, fifteen short films for Google+ and YouTube about the search for the Higgs Bosun and anti-matter at CERN. He is Executive Producer of many films, including Kim :Longinotto’s award winning Hold Me Tight Let Me Go, Brian Hill’s Bafta winning Feltham Sings, the Grierson award winning Requiem for Detroit? directed by Julien Temple, and the highly praised Great Ormond Street series. His many current affairs programmes include Panorama Special: Kids In Care, which won an RTS Award, Panorama Special: The Truth About Adoption which influenced government policy on adoption, Storyville: The Trouble with Pirates and Amnesty! When They Are All Free, directed by James Rogan, his co-director on the latest Python film.He has gone back to directing with Monty Python - The Meaning of Live, and is now editing an hour long doc for the BBC, Who Needs Arms? The sequel to his very first film in 1965, One of Them is Brett.