Sacha Mirzoeff

Mirzoeff, Sacha

  • Position: Executive Producer
  • Company: BBC

Sacha Mirzoeff is an award-winning director and Executive Producer at the BBC in Bristol, specialising in human documentaries. He’s won over 20 international awards for his films including 2 Griersons for best documentary series (Protecting our Children) and best Science programme (Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life) and 5 Royal Television Society Awards. He has also been nominated for BAFTAs on numerous occasions. His films are all about engagement with the audience – trying to make people think differently and ideally act differently after viewing a film. Many are related to social issues in the UK and often are hard access with a high level of social responsibility towards participants. Some are also international and more wide ranging in content. Working with vulnerable people in a responsible and protective manner has been at the heart of much of his work. The films all bring a hallmark of integrity, openness and trust in their methodology.