Taghi Amirani

Amirani, Taghi

  • Position: Director
  • Company: Amirani Media

Taghi Amirani is an Iranian filmmaker who got his first break in 1989 on Channel 4 with EARTH CALLING BASINGSTOKE. He has since made over 30 films for British and international networks including PBS, National Geographic, BBC, France 2 and Al Jazeera. He set up Amirani Media in 1993 with his brother Amir. Amirani Media’s first feature documentary WE ARE MANY premiered at Doc/Fest 2014 and has been picked up by Universal. Taghi is currently in post-production with Walter Murch on COUP 53, a documentary about the Anglo-American coup in Iran that overthrew Prime Minister Mossadegh. COUP 53 features first hand witness accounts and never seen before archive material.