Charlotte Mikkelborg

Mikkelborg, Charlotte

  • Position: Director
  • Company: Picture This Productions

Working under her maiden name, Windle, Charlotte was the BBC China Correspondent for three years (2004-2006). Charlotte left the BBC in 2006 to pursue her passion for documentary film and to take up an opportunity as a Senior Television Producer for the United Nations, producing a series of current affairs films out of Africa. Her film from the Democratic Republic of Congo, ‘The Forgotten War’ (8 mins) received widespread acclaim. Charlotte was invited as a special guest to the 2006 International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA). Further to her work as a filmmaker for the BBC and the UN, Charlotte has worked as an independent producer for both UK based Firecracker Films and several US feature film crews working on location in China. Prior to her move into filmmaking, Charlotte had been working as an investigative journalist for the BBC for 7 years. Her regular contributions to BBC news and current affairs programmes were by and large reported, produced, filmed, written and edited by her. Charlotte has produced news stories and current affairs films from all around the world - the Democratic Republic of Congo to Denmark, China to Cuba, and India to Indonesia. Charlotte joined the BBC in 1997 as one of 14 BBC Fast Track Trainees (chosen from 10,000 candidates) after graduating from Oxford University.