Naana Orleans-Amissah

Orleans-Amissah, Naana

  • Position: Cultural Commentator
  • Company: NOA's Thinking

With a certificate in Psychotherapy and Counselling Naana is particularly interested in the way stories are created and curated, and the myths we invent for and about ourselves. She is curious about how different cultures use the medium of film, and how and who it empowers. Born in Germany, raised in Japan and the United Kingdom with an unwavering Ghanaian identity, Naana is also a creative strategist. She has worked both client and agency side for companies and brands.  She is a regular mentor at the School of Communication Arts and The Ideas Foundation. She has taught in Ghana, blogged for the Huffington Post, and is a member of the BFI. She hosted London Business School’s Creatives Industry Panel at the 2014 African Business Summit, a conversation described as the most engaging panel of the Summit.