Genaro Vallejo

Vallejo, Genaro

  • Position: Game Designer
  • Company: Macua Studios

Working previously as a Veterinarian and Beekeeper in Mexico, Genaro has experience in both science and medical studies, Trying to prove himself as a Game Developer, he managed to translate those skills in a more creative environment. In just one year as an student on New York Film Academy for Game Design, he has managed to work as Level Designer in SwingStar, a Virtual Reality Game for Oculus Rift and Gear VR, he also has produced several other games in a short span of time, resources and team members, such as Climaniacs and Borders. His work as GameCo has helped him even further to improve his skills as both as a Game Designer and an Developer Coordinator. A hard worker, motivated and with an strong sense of observation, Genaro’s goal is to break boundaries through tactics and good ideas