Soren Steen Jesperson

Steen Jesperson, Soren

  • Position: Producer
  • Company: Larm Film

Graduated journalist from the National School of Journalism, 1993. Nordisk Film TV from 1993-2000 as reporter, director, editor-in-chief and producer. Co-founder of Bastard Film in 2000. Producer and CEO until 2009. Founder of Larm Film in October 2010. CEO, producer and director. Awarded the Nils Ufer Award in 2000. Nominated twice for the Danish Cavling Award. Producer and editor-in-chief on several price winning films. For example the documentary film ”69” that won New Nordic Voices award at Nordic Panorama and CPH:DOX in 2008 and the feature length doc ”The Invisible Gang” that won a Danish Bodil Award in 2010. Director of the 2014 documentary, “Warriors from the North” together with Nasib Farah. Selected for IDFA competition 2014 and winner of Hotdocs midlength documentary award 2015 and One World Student Jury Award, Prag, 2015. Producer, “Last Men in Aleppo”, director Feras Fayyad. Winner, Grand jury Award, Sundance 2017 and DOX:AWARD at CPH:DOX. Producer, “On The Edge of Freedom”, directors Anita Mathal Hopland & Jens Lengerke. CPH:DOX 2017. Currently directing “Lost Warriors” with Nasib Farah.