To find out more and submit your project click here. Applications close on 19 February 2018 at 12:00 (midnight) GMT.

The Alternate Realities Market runs parallel to the MeetMarket. Twenty-five online, interactive and virtual reality projects will be selected from submissions to hold one-to-one meetings with funders and advisors, including commissioners, broadcasters, arts organisations, online platforms, NGOs and other experts from across the world. This is not a one-size-fits-all market; meetings are carefully matchmade taking into account desires from both sides of the table. You can view the 2017 selected projects here.



The Alternate Realities Market is the key place to build partnerships, secure funding, and get advice from the international market for interactive, immersive and virtual reality projects, within the documentary, factual or hybrid genre.

Selected projects will be offered a chance to pitch their idea to digital agencies, brands, and third sector representatives, as well as potential interactive and cross-platform funders, commissioners and experienced digital producers.

The projects pitched can work across all media platforms in their delivery and may go beyond documentary into hybrid genres.

“Very well organized, intense pitching days, and the initiative of a clearly "digital" market alongside the film market is welcome and very needed today.” – ‘Work in Progress’, Alternate Realities Market Project 2016


The general guideline is this: the Alternate Realities Market is for online, interactive and virtual reality projects looking for advice and collaboration as well as funding, whereas MeetMarket is for linear, single-screen led projects which will primarily be seen on TV and cinema screens looking for funding and distribution.

If you wish to discuss which market you should apply for, please email us.



We're always happy to help you get your project submissions ready for any Marketplace opportunity, so as you plan your submissions for any Marketplace pitch, or your general strategy for presenting projects in Sheffield to Decision Makers, here are some guidelines for you:

- The Alternate Realities Market is open to all documentary makers from any country. No prior credits are necessary

- Your project can be at any stage of development, production, or post-production.

- You can enter as many projects as you like, but we recommend you don't submit more than 5 because we're very unlikely to select more than 2 from any one company.

- Your project must take an innovative/fresh approach to either the content, the execution of the idea or both

- Your project may take any form or specialist focus

- Projects do not need to have financing already in place



Submissions are now open for Alternate Realities Market 2018. To find out more and submit your project click here.

We're always very happy to help you with any aspect of your submission, whether technical or creative. If you're struggling with the application form in any way, please ask us for help . If you do need help, we recommend you try and contact us as early as possible, so even if you can't fill in all the details until close to the deadline, take an early look at what the form involves and ask us for support early in the process.

There's a 'Save' button at the bottom of every page of the form . If you hit this, you can come back to the form later, so you don't need to complete the whole application in one go.

The information you submit on the application is what Decision Makers see when they choose if they want to meet you . This information is exactly what goes in the Marketplace Guide distributed to participants, and accessed online in the assessment area by Decision Makers. If you're selected we give you a small amount of time to make any changes, but by-and-large what you submit in the application is what Decision Makers see, so make it good.

Details . Length, Intended slot, Format, Status, Date of Production/Release – you may not know for sure yet depending on what stage your project is at, but be as realistic as possible - research what slots exist in international TV, cinema and cross-platform, and tally your length and slot with that. Make sure your budget information is consistent with the length you specify. It's fine to keep your options open and specify, for example, a TV hour and a 90' version. We also ask you if you've pitched the project in other markets – it's not a problem if you have or haven't, it just helps us to know which Decision Makers may already be aware of it.

Financing . State your total budget and total already obtained (plus who has already committed funds) in Euros, Pounds and US Dollars. Please check that your calculations are accurate before you submit the form. Remember assessors and buyers you may put down here also read this information so don't exaggerate any interest.This section is also your chance to tell us if you're looking for distribution – this is important because we'll use this information to base some of your match-made meetings on if you're selected, so answer it carefully.

Participants . Give us brief information on your production team (up to 100 words each for biography and previous work). Don't paste your CV here, these biographies are part of your project information and need to be as enticing as your synopses, so make them interesting. Remember that you must split your biography (your personal history and profile) from your previous work (list of your films/other projects).

Teaser Clip – How to upload . Upload your teaser clip directly into the submission form. Clips should be no longer than 3 minutes, need to be MP4 or Mov files and no larger than 500MB. If you have issues uploading the clip try a different web browser.

Teaser Clip and Images - . We recognise that these kinds of projects might need additional or different kinds of information. For interactive, virtual reality and cross-platform projects specifically, we advise that you use the teaser clip to showcase the general look of your project, and that it doesn't necessarily need to use moving image in the way a linear doc project would. However, this is not mandatory. You will be expected to upload between 2 – 5 still images in order to visually demonstrate your project.

- Getty Images free content partnership - Getty Images are pleased to offer MeetMarket and Alternate Realities Market applicants content from the world’s largest collection of still images and video for free use in their pitches and market submissions. All applicants are eligible to download up to 75 hi res footage clips and stills including premium content from BBC Motion Gallery, Discovery Channel, VICE, Nat Geo and Sky News. Search over two million creative, editorial and archival clips, tens of millions of stills, and an archive dating from the early 1900’s. To take advantage of this offer email Paul Davis at paul.davis@gettyimages.com or call him on +44 (0)203 227 2217. We’ll then set up your complimentary account allowing you to download high quality stills and video. Happy searching.

Above all, remember that your submission is a whole package and is assessed as so. So think about how all these elements fit together, and good luck.



We offer lots of alternative ways to get your projects heard and to get connected with Decision Makers – these are listed on our Marketplace Overview page. We also offer the Market Switchboard service where our team can give advice on who might be useful for you to meet in the Marketplace in Sheffield.



If your application is successful, you agree to attend Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018 for the duration of the Alternate Realities Market on Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th June. Failure to do so may result in your project being withdrawn.

If your application is successful you must register to attend Sheffield Doc/Fest. You or your project representative will need to purchase a festival pass which you must register for ahead of the festival. If you do not register for Doc/Fest, you will not be able to participate in the Alternate Realities Market. Subsequent project team members must also register for additional passes if they wish to participate in Market meetings. The festival pass gives you full access to the Marketplace, Film Programme, Talks and Sessions Programme, Alternate Realities and social events.


A non-refundable administration fee of £26+VAT applies per project. For more information about the fee and VAT please view our guidelines.

Your application and participation implies unconditional acceptance of these guidelines.

The selection committee decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into regarding the outcome. Feedback is not guaranteed if your application is unsuccessful.

The scheduling of meetings is at the discretion of the organisers.

The organisers reserve the right to change the guidelines or processes at any time and without notification.

The organisers will not take rights or liabilities in projects selected.

The organisers accept no liability in the event that their publications reproduce inaccuracies that you provide in submitted materials.

We retain the right to use your submitted still images for marketing purposes in perpetuity and to request still images and finished trailers in the future for marketing purposes.


If you have any queries about how the Alternate Realities Market works or the submission process, please email the Marketplace team.


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