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Screening between Friday 2 - Sunday 4 October at Showroom Cinema, Sheffield

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Films by essential directors with essential themes that take varied approaches to exploring our past, present and collective future.


Friday 2 October - 18:00


MEMORY IS OUR HOMELAND + Live Online Q&A with director
Jonathan Kolodziej Durand, Canada, 2019, 90’ - UK Premiere

Memory Is Our Homeland charts the lost story of Polish refugees: a journey that brought children through Siberia, Iran, India, and East Africa, to new lives in Montreal and Sheffield


Friday 2 October - 21:00

Playback. Ensayo de una Despedida / PLAYBACK + Live Online Q&A with director
Agustina Comedi, Argentina, 2019, 14’ - UK Premiere

From Argentina: A farewell letter and manifesto of friendship, from “La Delpi,” the sole survivor of a group of transgender women and drag queens who died of AIDS.Screening alongside Judy versus Capitalism.

JUDY VERSUS CAPITALISM + Live Online Q&A with director
Mike Hoolboom, Canada, 2020, 62’ - UK Premiere

A letter of love and admiration, from experimental filmmaker Mike Hoolboom to radical feminist Judy Rebick as she fights for women’s rights. Screening alongside Playback. 


Saturday 3 October - 14:00

swimming out

Yi zhi you dao hai shui bian lan / SWIMMING OUT TILL THE SEA TURNS BLUE + Pre-recorded Director Presentation
Jia Zhang-Ke, China, 2020, 112’ - UK Premiere

Seventy years of Chinese society, as narrated by three novelists from three generations, each telling their own stories


 Saturday 3 October - 17:30

FILM ABOUT A FATHER WHO + Live Online Q&A with director
Lynne Sachs, USA, 2020, 74’ - International Premiere

A complex portrait of the filmmaker’s Father, Ira Sachs Sr, a bon vivant and pioneering businessman from Park City, shot over a period of 35 years


Saturday 3 October - 20:30

 + Live Online Q&A with director
Nicolas Gourault, France, 2019, 22’ - UK Premiere

Crowd simulation software is the tool for exploring Liverpool Club supporters’ collective memories of the Hillsborough stadium disaster of 1989.
Screening alongside The Kiosk.

Le Kiosque / THE KIOSK
 + Pre-recorded Q&A with director
Alexandra Pianelli, France, 2019, 78’ - UK Premiere

Filmmaker Alexandra Pianelli helps her mother in her newspaper kiosk in this playful commentary on the world, and not least, the media’s publishing crisis.
Screening alongside This Means More.


Sunday 4 October - 11:00

Nippon-Koku Furuyashiki-Mura / A JAPANESE VILLAGE
Ogawa Productions, Japan, 1982, 213’

A major film by the infamous filmmaking collective, Ogawa Productions. It charts the ripple effects that sudden changes in seasonal weather have on the basic ways Japanese farmers organise their very existence from one day to the next.
A JAPANESE VILLAGE will be screened on 16mm in the Showroom Cinema.


Sunday 4 October - 15:45

ไกลบ้าน / AWAY
Teeraphan Ngowjeenanan, Thailand, 2019, 36’ - International Premiere

From Thailand, AWAY: The story of Wat Wanlayangkool, one of 400 citizens associated with political activism to be summoned following the 2014 coup d’état in Thailand.
Screening alongside Remnants of a Revolution

REMNANTS OF A REVOLUTION + Pre-recorded Q&A with director
Cha Escala, Philippines, 2019, 74’ - World Premiere

The son of a founding member of the Communist Party in the Philippines discovers his Father’s role in the dark period of the Party’s history
Screening alongside Away


Sunday 4 October - 19:00

TRIBUTE TO SARAH MALDOROR + Live online Q&A with director's daughter Annouchka de Andrade

This screening is a true event.
Not only are we presenting Monangambée (Algeria, 1969, 18'), her short film about Angolan resistance to the portuguese oppressor, which has been recently restored but it will be followed by L’Hôpital de Leningrad (France, 1983, 58'), a feature that has been only screened once in French television in 1983. In these two films, Maldoror shows us how human bodies and souls deal with political confinement.
With special thanks to Annouchka de Andrade.



Friday 16 - Sunday 18 October at Showroom Cinema, Sheffield, and on Sheffield Doc/Fest Selects until Thursday 29 October.
Tickets and schedule will be available on Monday 5 October

Films that try to decipher the world while being an agent of change: either through the promise of revolution by both collective and individual beings, as an act of resistance and protection, or as a refusal to forget. The Rebellions strand is supported by Bertha Foundation.
ANTONIO & PITI, Vincent Carelli, Wewito Pyiãki, Brazil, 2019, 78’ - European Premiere
THE ART OF LIVING IN DANGER, Mina Keshavarez, Germany / Iran, 2020, 85’ - World Premiere
BACK YARD, Arlin Golden, USA, 2019, 7’ - International Premiere
CAMAGROGA, Alfonso Amador, Spain, 2020, 111’ - World Premiere
Konstrukcijas / CONSTRUCTIONS, Ilona Bruvere, Latvia, 2019, 95’ - International Premiere
A Nossa Terra, O Nosso Altar / OUR LAND, OUR ALTAR, André Guiomar, Portugal, 2020, 77’ - World Premiere
OUTSIDE, Danielle Arbid, France, 2020, 5’
THE FILMMAKER’S HOUSE, Mark Isaacs, United Kingdom, 2020, 76’ - World Premiere
L’Inconnu / THE UNKNOWN, Simplice Herman Ganou, Switzerland, 2020, 12’ - UK Premiere
Cadê Edson? / WHERE’S EDSON?, Dacia Ibiapina, Brazil, 2020, 72’ - UK Premiere Online only:
Les Épisodes - Printemps 2018 / EPISODES - SPRING 2019, Mathilde Girard, France, 2020, International Premiere (only online)


Friday 30 October - Sunday 1 November at Showroom Cinema, Sheffield, and on Sheffield Doc/Fest Selects until Thursday 12 November.
Tickets and schedule will be available on Monday 19 October

Rhyme & Rhythm are films where cinema and other art forms meet, whether through performance, theatre, visual art or music. Each film offers encounters and inspirations to a different beat.
BRIGITTE, Lynne Ramsay, United Kingdom, 2019, 30’
Faith i Branko / FAITH AND BRANKO, Catherine Harte, United Kingdom / Serbia, 2020, 82’ - World Premiere
Khoraman / GRACEFULLY, Arash Eshaghi, Iran, 2019, 62’ - UK Premiere
KING ROCKER, Michael Cumming, United Kingdom, 2020, 90’ - World Premiere
MEDIUM, Edgardo Cozarinsky, Argentina, 2020, 71’ - UK Premiere
Rétrospective / RETROSPECTIVE, Jérôme Bel, France, 2019, 92’ - UK Premiere
Schlingensief – In das Schweigen hineinschreien / SCHLINGENSIEF – A VOICE THAT SHOOK THE SILENCE, Bettina Böhler, Germany, 2020, 124’ - UK Premiere
SISTERS WITH TRANSISTORS, Lisa Rovner, United Kingdom, 2020, 82’ - European Premiere
WELCOME TO A BRIGHT WHITE LIMBO, Cara Holmes, Ireland, 2019, 11’ - International Premiere


Friday 13 - Sunday 15 November at Showroom Cinema, Sheffield, and on Sheffield Doc/Fest Selects until Thursday 26 November.
Tickets and schedule will be available on Monday 2 November

More experimental films, playing with form and showcasing the dismantling of frontiers based on histories and collective memory.
Augas Abisais / DEEP WATERS, Xacio Baño, Spain, 2020, 25’ - World Premiere
DYING UNDER YOUR EYES, Oreet Ashery, Israel / United Kingdom, 2019, 27’
Todo lo que se olvida en un instante / EVERYTHING THAT IS FORGOTTEN IN A INSTANT, Richard Shpuntoff, Argentina, 2020, 71’ - UK Premiere
FREM, Viera Čákanyová, Czech Republic, Slovakia, 2019, 73’ - UK Premiere
A Metamorfose dos Pássaros / THE METAMORPHOSIS OF BIRDS, Catarina Vasconcelos, Portugal, 2020, 101 min - UK Premiere (not available online, screening in Sheffield only)
MON AMOUR, David Teboul, France, 2019, 172’ - UK Premiere
POINT AND LINE TO PLANE, Sofia Bohdanowicz, Canada, 2020, 18’ - UK Premiere
SANTIKHIRI SONATA, Thunska Pansittivorakul, Thailand, Germany, 2019, 75’ - UK Premiere
地洞 / THE TUNNEL, Hui-ju Hsu, Taiwan, 2020, 30’ - International Premiere
TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES, Hannah Jayanti, USA, 2020, 103’ - UK Premiere

Dates TBC - at Showroom Cinema, Sheffield.

Our annual retrospective this year is entitled Reimagining the Land. This programme reasserts the primacy of the land as a critical way of thinking about the world and about its various crises - confronting historical images of land, agriculture, rural life, and proletarian struggle. Reimagining the Land has been curated by Christopher Small.

Nippon-Koku Furuyashiki-Mura / A JAPANESE VILLAGE, Ogawa Productions, Japan, 1982, 213’
Waqai sanawat al-djamr / CHRONICLE OF THE YEARS OF FIRE, Mohammed Lakhdar-Hamina, Algeria, 1975, 177’