Digital Industry Pass FAQs


I don't have a Digital Industry Pass, where can I buy one?

You can read more about and purchase a Digital Industry Pass by clicking here

I'm not in the industry but I want to watch films. What can I do?

Those in the UK can view our programme on Sheffield Doc/Fest Selects until 10 July. 

You can find more about ticketing for Selects by clicking here

I have a Digital Industry Pass. How can I access...

The Delegates List?

The delegates list is available on our website by clicking here.

To see the delegates who have made their contact details available to other delegates, you must be logged into your My Doc/Fest account while viewing this page. You can search the Delegates List by name, company or country.


The Industry Representatives List?

The Marketplace Industry Representatives list is available by clicking here.

To see contact details for those who have shared them, you will need to search for them in the Delegates List


The Industry Representative Guide?

The Industry Representative Guide, which is available to Digital Industry passholders only, can be found under the Publications section of your My Doc/Fest account by clicking here. The guide is an overview of all Industry Representatives taking meetings as part of Doc/Fest’s virtual MeetMarket and Alternate Realities Talent Market 2020.


The Digital Industry Catalogue?

You will find it under the Publications section of your My Doc/Fest account by clicking here. It features details of all the films and Alternate Realities projects in the official selection, together with the virtual talks & sessions taking place June - August. 

For Student Digital passholders, the Digital Industry Catalogue will be emailed directly to you.

My Doc/Player Account?

Doc/Player can be accessed by clicking here.

Our films team will email you personalised login details via a separate email from We send out login details on a regular basis but please note that user registration can take up to two working days.

If you are having trouble with your Doc/Player login, please email

Please note your Doc/Fest website login and your Doc/Player access code are different. 

Doc/Player and its films are available until Monday 31 August.

Talks and Sessions?

See our Talks & Sessions programme with links to register by clicking here.


Pitch recordings?

Our annual pitches: The Whickers Pitch organised in collaboration with The Whickers and Chicken & Egg Pictures’ (Egg)celerator Lab Pitch are now available to watch on Doc/Player.


What films have limited time on Doc/Player?

Welcome to Chechyna will become unavailable on Sun 28 June
Breadline will become available on Mon 29 June
United Voices will become available on Mon 29 June
Untold Chaos will become available on Mon 29 June

Who can I contact if I need help?

Please email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible within office hours, 9:30 - 17:30 BST.