The Sheffield Doc/Fest Marketplace is a major funding, sales and distribution platform designed to unlock UK and international market opportunities, and facilitate creative collaborations. The Marketplace comprises a range of business activity and is open to all delegates, from first-time filmmakers to established talent, from feature-length film projects, to shorts and series.


MeetMarket is one of the world’s largest documentary and factual markets and pitching forums, with the opportunity to meet with over 300 international funders, broadcasters, distributors and exhibitors. Doc/Fest offers a unique way to pitch your projects through match-made meetings between pitchers and Decision Makers, to get straight to the creative and financial discussions. Projects range from long form to short form films, series and formats.

We are now open for submissions for the MeetMarket 2019. For more information, click here.

Alternate Realities Talent Market

Alternate Realities Talent Market exists to foster collaborations between creatives and organisations focused on using digital technologies to push storytelling in exciting new directions. The market is for discussing new projects that are interactive, immersive, virtual reality, augmented reality, web-doc, games, 360-video, live performance, motion comic, room-scale experience and/or installation.

We are now open for submissions for the Alternate Realities Talent Market 2019. For more information, click here.

Sales & Distribution Summit

The Sales & Distribution Summit focuses on how documentaries get sold and then seen by audiences worldwide. Come to clue-up at the panels and case studies and then connect with international industry representatives at the networking sessions in the afternoon. More information about the 2019 Summit will be announced in due time.

Round Tables

This session format invites delegates to meet with Decision Makers through informal group discussions. Running for 90 minutes, the session features five tables with one or two Decision Makers at each table. During the course of the event, the delegates will meet with all attending Decision Makers for 15-minute group meetings.

Sign-ups for the Round Tables will open in early May 2019. You can read about the Round Tables in 2018 here.

Pitch Opportunities

Sheffield Doc/Fest offers a number of pitching opportunities during the festival. Pitch opportunities will be announced in the months leading up the festival, from January 2019 to April 2019. For more details on 2018 pitches hosted, please click here.

EDN: Meet the Execs

Meet the Execs is a collaboration between the European Documentary Network (EDN) and Sheffield Doc/Fest bringing together emerging documentary filmmakers and experienced industry professionals with the aim to provide advice, feedback and training for up-and-coming documentary talents and their projects. Applications will open in 2019.

The Market Switchboard

The Market Switchboard offers on-demand advice to filmmakers looking to meet some of the 300+ Decision Makers invited to the Marketplace. Our Market Switchboard mentors help filmmakers and other delegates navigate the Doc/Fest Marketplace: identifying key Decision Makers, discussing filmmaker projects, and helping refine strategies for getting the most out of one's networking, business and creative opportunities.

More information on Switchboard & Surgeries 2019 coming soon.You can read about Switchboard and Surgeries 2018 here.

If you have any queries about our Marketplace, please contact