Dear Elnaz / Elnaz Jan

  • Mania Akbari
  • Canada
  • 2021
  • 1h 23min
  • UK premiere
  • Rebellions
Dear Elnaz_5.jpg

In Dear Elnaz, Javad Soleimani – whose wife, Elnaz Nabiyi, was killed aboard a flight shot down by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Jan 2020 – is given space to reflect and share his anger. The film follows him through a complex labyrinth of mourning and healing, until his sorrow is gradually geared towards a loud cry for justice.

Dear Elnaz will be followed by an in-person Q&A with Mania Akbari which will be live-streamed from the cinema to Selects.

Screenings in cinema and online

Dear Elnaz / Elnaz Jan
Halo Showroom Cinema 3
Mon 7 June 14:45 - Mon 7 June 16:38
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