Ladies Only

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In the women-only compartments of Mumbai’s complex local train network, passengers share their anger, aspirations and stories of womanhood.

The local train is a sight to behold in the morning, overloaded with crowds fighting to get inside. A special compartment reserved for women appears as a temporary oasis – a haven for solitude and contemplation. Director Rebana Liz John questions the women, who reveal what it means to keep ambitions alive within an oppressive patriarchal system. Black and white imagery evocatively captures the details of the women’s experience in this world. They reflect on their lives, across generations, with humour, disappointment and defiance, forming a complex tapestry whose common ground is endurance and survival.

Screening supported by Goethe Institut. 

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Ladies Only
Fri 24 June 15:15 - 16:54
Showroom - Splice Post Screen 1
Ladies Only
Sat 25 June 18:00 - 19:39
The Light - Screen 9

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