The Last Observer

  • Morocco
  • 2020
  • 11min
  • National premiere
Lina Laraki_The Last Observer (4).jpg

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Post-human, Post-plant, Post-nature, Post-memory, Post-everything!

The Last Observer is a film from beyond the future and the past merged together. We are talking about a new world in which plants and technology dominate, where we can finally know what a plant has to say. After all human life has disappeared from Earth, a bored artificial intuition connects to non-human life. A plant is having a recurring dream about a 'last observer' and recounts this strange dream in a dystopian narrative. All the components of the film take us on a journey through time. The pairing of the images of a speculative future shot with Super 8, a format from the past, creates a contemplative and rather endearing environment that throws us directly into reflections around artificial intelligence, anthropocentrism, and self projections. 

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