Mamelles Ancestrales

  • France
  • 2019
  • 1h 01min
  • National premiere
Tabita Rezaire_Mamelles Ancestrales (5).jpg

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Drawing inspiration from the megalithic landscapes of Senegal and the Gambia, space debris, archaeology, astronomy, numerology, theology and African understandings of the cosmos, Mamelles Ancestrales strives to establish pathways between heaven and earth, between the living and the dead, in a world where celestial bodies, mineral life and spirits sing together. The film is the result of Tabita Rezaire's research and expeditions to four megalithic sites. Gathering stories from the guardians of the sites, local populations and other understandings from astronomers, archeologists, and theologians to unfold the mysteries of the thousands of stone circles scattered across Senegambia, Mamelles Ancestrales goes in pursuit of an ancient African megalithic civilization so as to better understand our own.

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