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Microcosmos is a journey to an unknown planet, where fantastic creatures live, obscured in deep forests of moss and grass. Where dewdrops are as large as boulders, and animals walk on water. Here, the Earth is rediscovered on a miniature scale: the unseen world of the insect kingdom. Set entirely in a quiet meadow, over the course of a single day and night, Microcosmos zooms-in on the landscape, until it morphs and transforms into something unfamiliar to the human eye. Filmed over three years, but preceded by 15 years of research, biologists-turned-filmmakers Claude Nuridsany and Marie Pérennou craft a near-wordless film that allows us, for a moment, to imagine life at the scale of an insect. Journeying deep into this perspective, the film acts as an initiation, inviting us to consider the beauty, complexity, and fragility of our shared planet.

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Microcosmos (35mm)
Abbeydale Picture House
Fri 11 June 17:30 - Fri 11 June 18:55
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