Money, Freedom, a story of CFA Franc

L'argent, la liberté, une histoire du Franc CFA

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A searing account of a contentious currency, inherited from the French colonial system, which exposes the complex realities of economic imperialism in Africa.
When introduced, the CFA franc – shorthand for ’Colonies Françaises d’Afrique’ (French colonies of Africa) – was linked directly to the French franc and controlled centrally from Paris. Despite countries in West and Central Africa gaining independence in the 1960s, the currency remained in circulation in over a dozen of them, rebranded as ’Communauté Financière Africaine’ (African Financial Community). 60 years on, the currency remains centralised – now linked to the Euro – which continues to play a significant role in the destabilisation and stagnation of domestic economies in the region. Katy Léna N’diaye combines interviews with African economists, historians and intellectuals, alongside extensive archive, to deliver an urgent, yet personal, meditation on the significance of monetary sovereignty.

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Money, Freedom, a story of CFA Franc
Fri 16 June 21:00 - 23:04
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Money, Freedom, a story of CFA Franc
Sat 17 June 12:45 - 14:49
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