The Monopoly Of Violence / Un pays qui se tient sage

  • David Dufresne
  • France
  • 2020
  • 1h 27min
  • UK premiere
  • Rebellions

In France, as anger and resentment grow in the face of social inequities, citizen-led protests are met with ever-increasing violence. The Monopoly of Violence gathers a panel of citizens to question, exchange, and confront their views on the social order and the legitimacy of state uses of violence, and to ask: where is the space for resistance and protest?

The Monopoly Of Violence will be followed by a Q&A with David Dufresne which will be shown after the screening and be available on Selects.


Screenings in cinema and online

Halo Showroom Cinema 3
Wed 9 June 20:15 - Wed 9 June 22:42
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