One in A Million

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Whitney is a rising star of the US gymnastics scene, who has a sizeable following on YouTube. Among them is Yara, who lives in Germany and is one of her biggest fans.
Two teenage girls live in different continents but are connected by their screens. Whitney Bjerken has a million YouTube subscribers; she creates challenges and posts updates on her training. Yara idolizes Whitney and follows her every move. As time progresses, Whitney starts looking for other sources of content outside gymnastics. Yara discovers a new side to her personality, which develops in tandem with Whitney’s ever-expanding online activity. Joya Thome’s cautionary film about our increasing attachment to social media reflects on the limits of what we can – or should – share online.

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One in A Million
Available between Sun 26 June 0:00 - Wed 29 June 0:00
Online Public
One in A Million + Q&A
Sun 26 June 13:00 - 14:44
Showroom - Bertha DocHouse Screen 3
Q&A with director Joya Thome moderated by Mae Roberts
One in A Million + Q&A
Mon 27 June 10:15 - 11:59
The Light - Screen 6
Q&A with director Joya Thome
One in A Million
Tue 28 June 20:30 - 22:14
Odeon - Screen 3

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