In the Shadow of Light

A la Sombra de la Luz

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A small Chilean town, neighbour to one of the country's largest electrical power plants, has been plagued by frequent blackouts and a constant, static hum. 

Isabel Reyes and Ignacia Merino's feature debut captures life in the isolated town of Charrúa, which is dominated by the presence of a large power plant that distributes energy to most of Chile. A little boy hunts rabbits, residents demand better electrical coverage at a town meeting, a woman waters the plants outside her house and a local radio station relays the day's happenings. At night, wildlife is captured on camera, along with strange bursts of light that momentarily illuminate a countryside criss-crossed with pylons and cables. And ever present is the insidious hum of electricity. The power the plant generates is a threat to the local community, but the poor residents have no voice against those who control it.

Content Guidance: This film contains stroboscopic effects in some of the scenes which may affect or cause discomfort to photosensitive viewers.

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In the Shadow of Light + Q&A
Thu 15 June 13:45 - 15:11
The Light - Screen 6
Q&A with directors Isabel Reyes and Ignacia Merino. Moderated by Matt Carey.
In the Shadow of Light + Q&A
Sat 17 June 17:15 - 18:41
Curzon - Screen 2
Q&A with directors Isabel Reyes and Ignacia Merino. Moderated by Alexandra Judkins

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