Shelly Belly inna Real Life

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Narrated through movement and music, the energy and expression of the dancehall scene of Kingston and Bog Walk in Jamaica is captured in all its vibrancy in Shelly Belly inna Real Life. Exploring the influences of culture and nature within and upon the Caribbean island art community, the film follows the language of dancehall from the intricate rhythms of the jungle landscapes to the choreography of the people whose passion-practice it follows. Shot by artist and choreographer Cecilia Bengolea over four years, this insider’s view grants unprecedented access to the characters whose vitality and influence have shaped a view of movement and life that reaches out from its Jamaican founders to the world beyond. Featuring Major Mission, Erika Miyauchi, Kissy McKoy, Craig, Nick, Jay, Shaky and Prince Blackeagle, Cecilia Bengolea, Shelly Belly, Overload Skankaz Oshane, Overload Skankaz Teroy, Giddy Elite Team, Alii and Lee Twinstarzz, Shanky, Winkyy and Larry Equanoxx.

This film has been nominated for the Short Film Award.

Screenings in cinema and online

Alone Together + Shelly Belly inna Real Life
Showroom Cinema 4
Sun 6 June 20:15 - Sun 6 June 22:29
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