Song of Souls


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In rural Myanmar, ancient traditions, songs, stories, predictions and rituals are used as tools for moving forward in the face of violence and adversity.
In Shan State, a region steeped in a rich cultural heritage that borders China, Laos and Thailand, folk singer Nan Mya Han is renowned for a mesmerising voice that has echoed across the lush and verdant countryside, captivating audiences for decades. Sai Naw Kham’s richly atmospheric feature debut captures the singer in later years, reflecting on the deep sense of loss that pervades her community due to an ongoing civil war; through her metaphorical verses, she expresses the pain and sorrow of a people battered by the ruinous politics of the region. Interspersed with performances by the artist, Song of Souls documents rituals around healing, death and birth that are intrinsic to Shan culture, giving a window into the complex tapestry of beliefs and traditions that shape so many lives.

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Song of Souls
Thu 15 June 20:45 - 22:17
Curzon - Screen 1
Song of Souls
Fri 16 June 12:45 - 14:17
The Light - Screen 9

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