Right on Time

  • Fri 4 June 13:00
  • Online Exhibitions Platform
  • 1h 00min
Tabita Rezaire_Mamelles Ancestrales (5).jpeg

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“Memory, like light, wraps itself around all objects in a room. Each object and item is recording the space-time event from its own perspective. In order to reconstruct a space-time event, you would have to get the memory from each object to build up the scene. Like a scavenger hunt.” ― Rasheedah Phillips, Recurrence Plot.

Inspired by this quote from Rasheedah Phillips, I invite you to consider this group exhibition as a scavenger hunt, where you will be called to explore different historical and personal experiences/memories. This is not about reconstructing these events or reliving them, but more about creating a collective time-space to explore the layers of our relationship(s) with time and the many ways in which it can be felt.

Featuring works of moving image, performance and sound, Right on Time, is a group exhibition that highlights the voices of artists who do not necessarily adhere to the traditional definition of ‘time’ and ‘temporality’ in their narratives. Their works offer new paths of possibilities, and evoke, both through their subjects and visuals, a structure which merges past, present, future and beyond. Thus, Right on Time unfolds as a collective, open-ended encounter with time(s).

Soukaina Aboulaoula
Arts Programme Virtual Exhibition Curator

Ash Moniz, Joules, 2021
Gian Spina, On Time, 2017
Zara Zandieh, Octavia’s Visions, 2021
Tabita Rezaire, Mamelles Ancestrales, 2019
Mona Benyamin, Moonscape, 2020
Mohammad Shawky Hassan, And on a Different Note, 2015
The School of Mutants, The School of Mutants, 2020
Pallavi Paul, The Blind Rabbit, 2021
Lina Laraki, The Last Observer, 2020
Areej Huniti & Eliza Goldox, The DIDO Problem, 2020

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