Solidarity Forever: Community Organising and Creative Disruption (workshop)

  • Sat 12 June 15:15
  • Zoom
  • 1h 00min

A participatory workshop inspired by Factory to the Workers.

Watching the film beforehand is recommended but not essential. We have some free places for the film as part of the Community Programme. Please email us at if you would like one of these.

A workshop about grassroots movements and how to take action in your community to share skills and creativity through collective action to effect change. How do we build an active and impactful network of mobilisers that can influence and make a difference to systemic problems at the hyperlocal, national and international levels?

Tchiyiwe is part of the UBI Lab network which has grown from a small organising group in Sheffield to a network of 40 community groups across the world that advocate for Universal Basic Income. 

The panel will share their experiences moving from grassroots organising to influencing policy propositions.  

With Tchiyiwe Chihana.

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