Is There Anybody Out There? + Conversation

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Screening of Is There Anybody Out There?, followed by a conversation with director Ella Glendining and special guests.

Born with no hip joints and short femurs, a condition so rare that there is little reliable information about it, Ella Glendining decides to go in search of people who can share their experience and feelings about having a body like hers. In doing so, she challenges lazy ableist assumptions, experiences a number of unexpected surprises and encounters people who look like her. With great warmth and an infectious joy for her body and life as it is, Glendining challenges us to question the way we see others, like and unlike ourselves. Is There Anybody Out There? is a revelatory film that gently tugs at the viewer's biases and looks to a day when inclusivity is no longer an ‘issue’.


Signed - A British Sign Language interpreter will be visible on stage during the introduction and conversation. Interpreted by Harry Wadsorth and Conner Lalitte from Signingworks

Open Captions - spoken dialogue and sound effects in the film will be converted to text and appear on screen.

Audio Described - an audio commentary of actions in the film, interspersed with dialogue, will be available through a headset.

Live Captions - spoken dialogue during the Q&A on stage will be converted to text and appear on screen.


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In this show

Film Intro
5 mins
Is There Anybody Out There?
87 mins
More Info
Film Extended Q&A
45 mins

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Is There Anybody Out There? + Conversation
Sat 17 June 14:45 - 17:02
Crucible Theatre
Extended Q&A with director Ella Glendining.

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