Against the Tide

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A portrait of two Indian fishermen, friends from different backgrounds, whose livelihoods are impacted by changes beyond their control.
Rakesh and Ganesh, two friends from the Koli fishing community in Bombay, live very different lives. Ganesh, with his foreign education, access to money and network of contacts, embraces modernity with the latest fishing technology. Rakesh, by contrast, struggles to make ends meet and is forced to continue with the family’s traditional shallow-water fishing methods. However, both are impacted by the challenges of a declining profession, climate change and the demands of their young families. Director Sarvnik Kaur offers a fascinating and contemplative portrait of these two men, while the film’s gentle rhythms capture the ebb and flow of the sea – an everchanging constant in Rakesh and Ganesh’s lives.

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Against the Tide
Fri 16 June 12:45 - 14:42
Showroom - Bertha DocHouse Screen 3
Against the Tide
Sat 17 June 21:00 - 22:57
The Light - Screen 9

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