The DIDO Problem

  • Tunisia
  • 2021
  • 30min
  • National premiere
Huniti Goldox_The DIDO Problem (3).png

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Huniti Goldox’s The DIDO Problem is a film and public intervention project presented within the framework of this exhibition as an online screening and an audio piece.

The work entangles geopolitical realities and mythological continuities. The starting point is re-imagining the Greek myth of Dido and her resistance towards oppression and territory. Through digital and material reenactments, the film touches on the notion of enforced mutation and historical fabrication of diverse bodies of water, land and people. By following water histories and cycles, The DIDO Problem attends to the complex circulation of matter and desire and how it gets mutated by exploitation.

The film will be accompanied by the sound piece A Ghost with Liquids, Soils and Sonics that will give more insight on the piece, the collaboration between Areej and Eliza, and their research process.

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