Karaoke Paradise

Karaoke Paratíísi

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From the land that introduced us to a screaming male voice choir comes Einari Paakkanen’s feel-good film about Finland’s passion for karaoke.
It’s a country of extremes. In summer, it’s light all day. In deep winter, darkness descends. After braving the cold, people revel in the heat of a sauna. And for a country regarded as introverted, the Finns can’t wait to belt out a favourite hit. Karaoke has become a national pastime and Paakkanen takes pleasure in traveling the length of the country in search of people who find solace in sharing their voice. As with the 2003 hit Screaming Men, Karaoke Paradise is as much a celebration of a culture and landscape as it is a wonderful portrait of a people.

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Karaoke Paradise
Available between Fri 24 June 0:00 - Mon 27 June 0:00
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Karaoke Paradise + Q&A
Sun 26 June 18:30 - 20:05
Showroom - Bertha DocHouse Screen 3
Q&A with director Einari Paakkanen moderated by Lee Bentham
Karaoke Paradise + Q&A
Tue 28 June 20:30 - 22:05
The Light - Screen 6
Q&A with director Einari Paakkanen.

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