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12 filmmaker headshots from Philippines

The Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) is the national film agency responsible for implementing policies and programs to ensure the economic, cultural, and educational development of the Philippine film industry. This year, FDCP brings seven projects to Sheffield DocFest to connect with industry representatives and create partnerships. Watch out for ‘CUTS PH’, ‘Futu Ana Fuki’, ‘Lasang Ug Lumad (Lumads and Woodlands)’, ‘Last Time I Held Your Hands’, ‘Leading Lady’, ‘People of the Lake’, and ‘The Invisibles’.

The FDCP offers various incentives to encourage co-productions with the Philippines,


FILM LOCATION INCENTIVE PROGRAM (FLIP): Open to audiovisual content including feature films (live-action, documentary, animation), short films, TV and VOD content (reality shows, series, unit), web content, music videos and virtual reality content, this program provides a 20% cash rebate with a cap of PHP 10 Million (approx USD 200,000 / GBP 147,000) to selected productions that have a minimum Qualified Philippine Production Expenditure of PHP 8 Million (approx USD 160,000 / GBP 117,000) within the country.

INTERNATIONAL CO-PRODUCTION FUND (ICOF): Open to feature films (live-action documentary, animation), ICOF is a selective fund for international co-production with the Philippines, of up to PHP 10 Million (approx. USD 200,000 / GBP 147,000), with a minimum projected spending of PHP 5 Million (approx. USD 98,000 / GBP 73,000) in the Philippines. The project can be initiated by the foreign or the Filipino production company.

In addition, the FILM LOCATION ENGAGEMENT DESK (FLEX) offers filmmakers assistance in finding a local partner, obtaining visas and special working permits, source equipment, among other services.

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Meet the Philippines Delegations

Woman standing with arms crossed wearing black blazer

Allyza Marie Del Pilar | Film Commission

Allyza Del Pilar is the Program Supervisor for International Labs and Partnership Programs at the Film Development Council of the Philippines.

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Man standing with his hands in his pockets wearing a grey t-shirt and a bag

Bryan Kristoffer J. Brazil | Director

Bryan Kristoffer J. Brazil is documentary producer and director whose career has spanned 11 years. He won Best Pitch at Tokyo Docs 2018 and World Vision award at EIDF 2019 in South Korea.

Project: The Invisibles
Company: Manila Montage
A former illegal immigrant in northern Borneo turns a house into school to fight the looming problem of illiteracy among undocumented children.

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Woman with dark hair wearing a white top

Eloisa Espino-Sanchez | Producer

Eloisa Espino-Sanchez is one of the producers behind Red Room Media Productions. She has produced short films, documentaries and other projects which have competed and won in different international film festivals.

Project: Leading Lady
Company: Red Room Media Productions

The documentary film entitled “Leading Lady” aims to highlight Filipino women who have demonstrated leadership skills from different fields in the society. It attempts to answer what drives these Filipina leaders and what unique traits do they have which enables them to be deeply engaged and be successful in their fields, whether it is for an advocacy, a means of living or a passion.

Told from the point of view of a Filipina domestic helper from Lubuagan, Kalinga and now working in Hong Kong, the documentary reflects on her similarities with the three Filipino women leaders and ponders on her past, present, and future in two different countries.

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Jaime Jesus C. Pacena II | Writer and Director

A Visual Artist, Curator, Teacher and Video Director from Manila, aspiring to create a dialogue about art, education and the art market in the Philippines.

Project: CUTS PH
Company: OC Productions and Entertainment Inc.
A documentary about an updated view in today’s Philippine Art Ecology through the voice and minds of selected professionals from the Art Industry that are known not just in the Philippines but also has a global reputation in their respective fields. The featured individuals in this documentary are the movers of the Philippine Art in our today’s narrative

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Man with dark hair

Jerome Dulin | Director/ Producer

Jerome Dulin is a film advocate and filmmaker from Cagayan, Philippines. He has been working on films themed on human interest, indigenous communities, culture, tradition and language.

Project: Futu Ana Fuki
Company: North Luzon Cinema Guild, Inc. & Ideas Beyond Multimedia Productions Three Agta women of Sierra Madre challenge the norms and exceed the expectations of their roles as ‘women’ of the community by holding on to their dreams, inspirations, and their body control.

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Woman with dark and a fringe with a dark t-shirt

Ji Lacerna | Film Commission

Ji Lacerna is the Unit Manager for the Project Development Unit at the Film Development Council of the Philippines a national film agency supporting the Philippine film industry.

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Man with dark hair and glasses siting with his hands folded on his knee

Kristoffer G. Brugada | Director and Co-Producer

Kristoffer Brugada is an award-winning independent filmmaker & professional lecturer. His most recent works include most notable works include An Elegy to Forgetting which premiered at the 2020 Shanghai Intl. Filmfest.

Project: Last Time I Held Your Hands
Company: Brigade Productions
A filmmaker explores the complex relationship between a mother and her son vis-à-vis a traumatic past that the son is unable to share before losing his mother to the pandemic.

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A woman with brown hair and a yellow top

Martina Macalanda | Film Commission

Martina Macalanda is the Program Supervisor handling the Industry side of the International Distribution of the Film Development Council of the Philippines.

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Man with dark blazer

Marvin Lyndon Carmelo I. Matias | Director and Creative Producer

Marvin Lyndon Carmelo has worked on projects like short films, digital ads, music videos, and documentary films. Now, he runs Chimera Visions, which focuses on advertising, films, and documentaries.

Project: Lasang Ug Lumad (Lumads and Woodlands)
Lasang Ug Lumad (international title Lumads and Woodlands) embarks on the arguable conflict between the forest conservation and Lumad communities’
livelihood which involves land conversion.

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Woman sitting in a chair with dark hair

Mary Liza Diño | Film Commission - Chairperson and CEO

Mary Liza Diño is the Chairperson and CEO of the Film Development Council of the Philippines, the Agency in charge of developing programs to develop the local film industry and promote it for global collaboration and growth.

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Mil Alcain | Film Commission

Mil Alcain is the Unit Manager for the Incentives division of the FilmPhilippines Office in the Film Development Council of the Philippines.

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Woman sitting at a table

Shirin Bhandari | Director and Writer

Shirin is a writer, photographer, and documentary filmmaker. Her work is featured in Roads and Kingdoms, Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown, Women's Media Center, CNN, VICE. People of the Lake is a finalist in TFI IF/Then lab.

Project: People of the Lake
Company: Pitik Studios
Three years after the 2017 siege, the people of Marawi struggle to return to their ancestral lands.

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