• Exchange

    In partnership with Vídeo nas Aldeias, we present a programme of films that reflect the diversity of the indigenous communities living in Brazilian territories. This programme is a provocation and a challenge to all of us. Made of films created by...

  • Ghosts & Apparitions
    Ghosts & Apparitions

    Since the first glimpses of the moving image, ghosts were haunting our imaginations, including those yet to be. A ghost from then meets a ghost from now - histories and collective memory are born. And cinema: the dismantling of frontiers.

  • Into the World
    Into the World

    Into the World is about all of us—the distant, the close, the intimate, the political—our worlds and their infinite appearances, challenges and dangers. Films by essential directors with essential themes that take varied approaches to exploring ou...

  • Rebellions

    There are as many ways to rebel as there are humans on this planet—and cinema can be one of them. What happens when a human who wants to change the world meets a camera? What happens when a film changes a human being? Reality is here to be invente...

  • Retrospective

    Our annual retrospective this year is entitled Reimagining the Land. This programme reasserts the primacy of the land as a critical way of thinking about the world and about its various crises - confronting historical images of land, agriculture, ...

  • Rhyme & Rhythm
    Rhyme & Rhythm

    Rhyme & Rhythm is where cinema and other art forms meet, whether through performance - traditional and contemporary dance, and theatre; visual art - portrait photography, painting, sculpture, street art, and video art or music - from afrobeat to j...