• Doc/Adventure

    Take a ride through dramatic tales and challenging personal journeys. These scenes of shared adventures roll with raw, informal and often difficult images of friendship, either budding or radically close.

  • Doc/Expose

    Thrilling investigations exposing the truth from frontlines to headlines. This programme offers an emphasis on citizens: those tyrannised and those who fight back. Discover epic and sober works of journalism, with deep reflection rarely afforded i...

  • Doc/Love

    Pulsating, intimate stories celebrating the power of love, family and friendship. A collection of playful, subversive and tender films which question love and power through stories of identity, equality and family to rupture inherited, often patri...

  • Doc/Rhythm

    Move to the rhythm with energetic portraits of music and contemporary culture. Float in symphonies of sonic futures in an auditorium of Detroit techno, Peruvian noise, Portuguese Afrobeat, and Post-Soviet culture, resonant with chants for the soul...

  • Doc/Think

    Explore new ways of seeing and thinking about the world. Through documents of restless discovery we witness battles in the terrains of body, labour and land. Whether through the eye of art or endoscope of science beneath the surface are sights of ...

  • Doc/Vision

    Open your eyes to inspiring, radical artists and bold cinematic visions. Imagination meets reality through topographies of temporary conditions: illegal presence in America, queer happenings in Chile, Taiwan in neon light, New York during high sum...

  • Focus/Shapes That Move
    Focus/Shapes That Move

    A special Focus that brings into the foreground the collaborative power of those who have contributed to shaping the image of Britain with the medium of cinema, turning the act of filmmaking into an act of solidarity. A broad cross-section of film...

  • New/Hits

    Powerful new masterpieces selected fresh from the best international film festivals. Each of these films marches with courage of character and depth of dignity: whistleblowers, new political disruptors and wild bee-keepers open their doors and hiv...

  • New/Japan

    Discover a creative new wave of stories and images from Japanese filmmakers. These images glow beyond comprehension, from the intimate and familial lens to the abstract flickering cosmos of the imagination.

  • New/Signals

    The best in new broadcast, episodic and online films followed by deep conversations. This chamber of formatted works are signals of the now, and echoes of unresolved histories. Big stories of politics and justice from the invasion of Iraq, to the ...

  • New/UK

    Extraordinary new films from UK filmmakers and powerful contemporary UK stories. In these raw scenes of a country in flux, a generation of UK filmmakers question values, flip assumptions, and walk the streets of the here and now.