Special Screenings

We are pleased to present five films that resonate, in different ways, with the highlighted themes from our film programme, made by filmmakers who are well known to our audiences and whose work we want to follow.

Steve McQueen’s new series resonates with current conversations and tensions across Europe and in other continents, whilst Clive Patterson follows television reporter Sorious Samura’s efforts to portray Sierra Leone in a positive way. Working with Poet Laureate Simon Armitage, Brian Hill uses music and poetry to portray the pain and sadness experienced by ordinary British people during COVID-19.

Additionally, we also present three films that offer a multitude of perspectives on 9/11 and its consequences. Together, they offer a multitude of perspectives on the event and its consequences, from that of a child in Afghanistan, to the perspective of firemen, workers and survivors in New York City.

Our Partners