Alternate Realities is Doc/Fest's world leading programme of interactive media and virtual reality exhibitions and talks. The 2016 Programme invited audiences to get hands-on and dive headfirst into documentary stories where they become the participant. Audiences virtually visited the International Space Station, better understood what it might be like aboard a migrants’ boat, felt what it’s like to experience the onset of epilepsy, and more.

The programme included 14 immersive media experiences in the Interactive Exhibition and 12 virtual reality documentaries in theVirtual Reality Arcade, allowing a depth of experience far beyond the limitations of the flat screen. The Alternate Realities Summit presented a range of engaging talks and demonstrations. Experts from documentary film and broadcast, theatre, journalism, engineering and neuroscience explored the impact of artificial intelligence and virtual reality on story-telling.

The 2017 Alternate Realities programme will be announced in May 2017.