• Mon 7 June 20:45
  • Showroom Cinema 2
  • 1h 29min
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Cinema brings us our ancestors, reflects our human time, links past and present and even, sometimes, haunts us forever. We will travel from Brazil to Cuba, South Korea, and back to Brazil; from indigenous to farmers, from caves to ghosts of slavery.

In this show

Film Intro
5 mins
Yaõkwá, Image and Memory / Yaõkwá, Imagem e Memória
21 mins
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The Whisper of the Leaves / El Susurro de Las Hojas
16 mins
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Film Q&A
25 mins
"The red filter is withdrawn." / "레드필터가 철회됩니다."
12 mins
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The White Death of the Black Wizard / A Morte Branca do Feiticeiro Negro
10 mins
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