The Sheffield Doc/Fest Marketplace is a major funding, sales and distribution platform of match made meetings for business collaborations and to unlock UK and international market opportunities

The Marketplace comprises MeetMarket, the Alternate Realities Market, the On-Screen Factual Talent Market, Round Tables and 10-Minute Meets, Sales Sunday and MarketPlayer, and is open to everyone from first-time filmmakers to established talent. The Marketplace also offers a number of mentoring opportunities including Mini-MeetMarket: Meet the Execs and Festival guidance through the Market Switchboard.

Outside of the Festival during the year, Doc/Fest offers year-round training aimed at developing your skills for the UK and international market, with initiatives including pitch training, feature development, interactive project labs and specialist producer training at the Future Producer School.

We believe that no other marketplace offers the intimacy and chance for personal connections that Doc/Fest does. Every year, large numbers of deals are done in Sheffield outside of our formal events, and we'll be delighted to help you to make connections where we can.

  1. Sales Sunday
    Sales Sunday

    A day tailored to distribution and sales. Find out how to get your films out to international and domestic audiences.