Our MeetMarket taking place at Cutlers Hall

The Sheffield DocFest Marketplace is a major funding, sales and distribution platform of match made meetings for collaborations and to unlock UK and international market opportunities.

The programme comprises MeetMarket, the Arts Talent Market, UK Broadcast Production Talent Market, industry talks, as well as our different pitch opportunities, and is open to everyone from first-time filmmakers to established talent. 

We believe that no other place offers the intimacy and chance for personal connections that DocFest does. Every year, large numbers of deals are done in Sheffield outside of our formal events, and we'll be delighted to help you to make connections where we can.

Our flagship industry event, the MeetMarket, for new documentary features and series, will have its seventeenth edition during the Festival in June 2021.
Arts Talent Market
The Arts Talent Market (formerly billed the Alternate Realities Talent Market) for new media/XR creatives and moving image artists will have its 8th edition during the festival in June 2021.
UK Broadcast Production Talent Market
The UK is brimming with talent ready to work on the next new documentaries and factual programmes for UK broadcasters.
Regional and International Delegations
We are delighted to welcome 10 regional and international delegations (virtually) to Sheffield DocFest this year. Meet the 2021 delegations:

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