Greetings documentary lovers. The 2018 Film Programme will be announced in May 2018. For a look back at our 2017 Programme, read on...

As a Yorkshire native I’m proud to be back in the city where I first discovered independent cinema, curating my first Doc/Fest film programme for you. Since I joined the team in November 2016, we’ve been powering up, working our way through strong mugs of tea and hefty slices of reality, fuelling an addiction to non-fiction. We’re ready to greet you in Sheffield with a Festival of stories that will hypnotise, rouse and illuminate your soul for these days and future memories.

In 2017, the Film Programme displayed a moving presence of international documentaries that explored deep societal ills, like Damon Davis’s and Sabaah Jordan’s Whose Streets? and Raed Andoni’s Ghost Hunting, and record frontline environmental dilemmas first-hand such as Julia Dahr and Kisilu Musya’s Thank You for the Rain and Shaul Schwarz’s and Christina Clusiau’s Trophy. Last year’s spectrum of films were broadened to include avant-garde works from the seminal to the subliminal that recognise our digital horizon of screens, and pixelated worlds from Theo Anthony’s rambunctious Rat Film to Hannah Jones’ performance work The Oweds.

In times of flux these films offered wonderfully different gestations of response to storytelling, from urgent to slow journalism, from absurd to mirthful trips. I believe in non-fiction filmmakers as our navigators between information and perspective, evidence and point of view, proof and wild possibilities. I hope that the Film Programme provides a forum for both expansion and determination of your mindsets – that what we view on the screen together and discuss with the filmmakers allows us to communicate and not fear, shout down or belittle those we disagree with.

- Luke Moody, Director of Film Programming